EV SSL Certificate

EV SSL Certificate

What is a High Security Browser, and how can it help with an EV SSL Certificate?

One of the fastest growing crimes is identity theft. Additionally, it is worth noting that a great deal of identity theft happens online, when hackers intercept information. It is no surprise that many people are worried about the security of their personal information while browsing the Internet. This becomes especially true when shopping is involved. Customers like to feel as though they are safe, and in many cases they like to use a high security browser that not only supports the latest industry standard encryption, but also has easy to understand cues that indicate a trusted ecommerce website.

What is an EV SSL certificate?

Before we answer the question of a high security browser, it is a good idea to get an idea of the kind of applications that they work with. A high security browser is designed to interact with a kind of SSL certificate known as an EV SSL certificate. A regular SSL certificate is used to validate a business Web site so that the shopper can verify the identity of the seller. Additionally, the SSL certificate is used to encrypt personal payment information, such as credit card encryption, so that hackers and other third parties can’t get access to your credit card account, Social Security Number or other sensitive information. An EV SSL certificate takes this a bit further.

The EV SSL certificate stands for Extended Validation Secure Sockets Layer. While the encryption is not any stronger with an EV SSL certificate, the validation process for the vendor is more involved. Indeed, it is required for businesses that wish to establish this higher level of trust. Some of the additional requirements for being issued an EV SSL certificate include:

  1. The legal identity of the Web site owner must be established.
  2. The physical presence of the Web site owner must be established. The Web site owner must demonstrate that he or she has exclusive control over the domain name used on the secure sockets layer certificate.
  3. Confirmation of authorities and identities pertaining to those who can act on behalf of the Web site owner. This includes actual documentation signed by someone with the proper and legal authority.

You can see that the process is more rigorous. It also costs more money. Depending on your business needs, it might be worth it to buy an EV SSL certificate. However, the use of them is not so widespread yet that it will immediately harm your business prospects if you do not get one. There is a chance that in the future, however, an EV SSL certificate may become an online business necessity.

A high security browser and the EV SSL certificate

A high security browser is an Internet browser specifically designed to interact with EV SSL certificates. The SSL certificates have special identifiers that high security browsers can “read.” These browsers then offer additional information to the use. A high security browser is one that can provide additional, more complete, information about an organization that has a secure site. A high security browser uses visual cues to let the user know when he or she is entering a secure website. The most noticeable change is that the header of the address bar turns green.

Not every Internet browser is a high security browser. However, the newest versions of FireFox and Internet Explorer are both high security browsers. They provide the best encryption, and include additional safety measures that are aimed at helping keep the Internet user safe online. The visual cues are helpful, but many casual users are unaware of what they mean.

When you are surfing the Internet, it is a good idea to use a high security browser. Most browsers are free, including regular upgrades and the ability to download the latest version. In the future – while it isn’t strictly necessary now – it may become necessary to get an EV SSL certificate so that your customers can instantly see that you can be trusted.