CategoryTypes of SSL Certificates

Learn about the different types of SSL certificates to determine which type will provide the best security for your website. Compare shared versus dedicated SSL certificates and 128 bit vs. 256 bit encryption, or just learn more about Wildcard SSL, SCG certificates, and much more.

Cheap SSL Certificates

Cheap SSL certificates often provide plenty of security for eCommerce websites. Whether you are looking for free SSL certificates, cheap SSL certificates, or other SSL certificate options (including extended validation EV certificates)this article will help you choose the right certificate for your needs.

Instant SSL Certificates

Looking for information on instant SSL certificates? Here you will find details on the Comodo Instant SSL Certificate products as well as the products. Learn how to get free SSL certificates and how much instant SSL certificates cost.

Digital Certificates

Are you looking for digital certificates? Digital certificates has more than one meaning in reference to your website security. This article helps define four types of digital certificates and explains the term digital certificate. Learn what type of digital certificate is best for you here.


SSL vs. TLS? What is SSL and TLS? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and TLS stants for Transport Layer Security. So what is the difference between SSL and TLS? In this article we define both SSL and TLS and compare SSL vs. TLS, giving you a clear understanding of the similarities and differences.

SGC Certificate

What is an SGC Certificate? Server Gated Cryptography (SGC) certificate refers to added SSL certificate security. This article contains information on the history of SGC certificates to help you determine if you need an SGC certificate for your website.

128 Bit vs. 256 Bit Encryption

Get 128 bit vs 256 bit encryption info here. What is a bit or bit encryption? This article has information on SSL certificate bit encryption. How does 256 bit encryption compare to 128 bit encryption? Read more about 128 bit and 256 bit SSL certificates.

Shared SSL vs. Dedicated SSL

Shared and dedicated SSL certificates provide security for eCommerce websites. Not sure if you need a shared SSL certificate or a dedicated SSL certificate? This article compares shared vs. dedicated SSL certificates, to help you decide.

Shared SSL Certificates

Shared SSL certificates are just one type of SSL certificate. There are other types within shared SSL certificates. This article contains information on shared secure sockets layer (SSL) certificates and web hosts that offer shared SSL certificates.

SSL Certificate Comparison

Not all SSL certificates are the same by comparison. Read on for information on SSL certificate encryption, dedicated SSL certificates, shared SSL certificates, wildcard SSL certificates, free SSL certificates, and SSL certificate comparisons of them all.

Wildcard SSL Certificates

Wildcard SSL certificates are good for subdomain security. This article talks about Wildcard SSL certificates, and the pros and cons of using Wildcard SSL certificates. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are vital for ecommerce website security.

Are There Free SSL Certificates?

Learn about free SSL certificates, the security free SSL certificates provide, and the pros and cons of using free SSL certificates. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are essential on an ecommerce websites. See if a free SSL certificate is for you.